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Selling Off-Market

Sell you home discreetly off-market

Did you know there is more than one way to sell a property? If you want to avoid ‘for sale’ signs, would prefer a private transaction and want to deal with genuine buyers only, why not consider an off market sale?

What is off market property selling?

Off market property selling is the opposite of going on the open market. Instead of listing a property on websites, having a ‘for sale’ board outside, featuring it on Rightmove and advertising it in printed publications for the masses to see, off market property selling involves very little or sometimes no public promotion and a lot of discretion.

Marketing a property discreetly may seem like an odd concept as this means limited details, or none at all, are shared on portals or other public platforms. However, an off-market property can often sell quicker and with less hassle. Northamptonshire Luxury Homes has the experience, the platform and the facilities to internally and privately market properties discreetly. 

Who uses off market property selling?

Selling off market has always appealed to high-net worth individuals, public figures and celebrities – groups of people who generally aren’t keen on having their homes and wealth displayed for anyone and everyone to see.

More recently, High Street estate agents have been promoting off market selling to potential vendors. The ‘hook’ is a database of eager and qualified buyers who are just waiting for a property like yours to be made available. Using an estate agent in this way can be successful when there are more purchasers than properties for sale but the reverse is true when buyer numbers are thin on the ground.

What are the advantages of off-marketing selling?

An off-market sale is frequently to someone already waiting in the wings, therefore it can be a simple and straightforward transaction. Buyers on waiting lists are often desperate to purchase, and will usually be in a position to offer and proceed quickly. Many off market buyers are cash investors with no need for a mortgage or they are movers who have made themselves chain-free by living in rented accommodation.

 Another benefit of an off market sale is bypassing time wasters. Those contacted directly will more likely be genuine buyers who want to make offers and reach an exchange quickly. There’s less chance of first, second and third viewing requests that don’t materialise into anything concrete, and less waiting time.

 Selling off market also offers the ultimate in discretion – ideal if you don’t want your neighbours knowing your decision to sell or if you have sensitive sales circumstances. There is no need for a ‘for sale’ board, no need for photos of your property to be plastered over the internet and, quite possibly, very few people who want to view your home in person.

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